windows 2000 and citrix 1.8 and navision 2.50

Hi! We have Navision 2.50 (with its own database format) installed on a windows nt 4.0 server. Also we have a windows 2000 server with citrix 1.8 and the navision client 2.50 on it. I want to know if there are others using a w2000 server with citrix 1.8? Are there known problems? One User is working with a igel terminal on the windows 2000 server with citrix. When he clicks on the window menu in navision then navision is hanging. Also scrolling is a problem. I heard therefore citrix has an private Hotfix. I called Citrix but they said our reseller is responsible for that. But I heard nothing about that since some weeks from our reseller. Could I find that hotfix in the internet? I want also know if navision is better running with citrix when we update the navision database from 2.50. Or if we should change the database to sqlserver. Thanks FR

I’ve moved this topic from the N3 (the dos version of Navision) to the Financials End User forum.