Window of the Object Designer

usually the first task every morning in navision is for me to open the object designer. As i guess it is only a form what is opened with + i assume it can be opened with the login. Where can i find this form or how can this form (or window) be opened automatically ? thanks in advance Stefan Weinreich Billing Analyst

Hello Stefan, If the Object Designer form was an ordinary form, you could get it to pop up on logging on by going to: General Ledger → Setup → Users → User Setup and specifying the form no. in the Main Menu ID field against your user ID. If you wished for a certain user to see the Sales & Receiveables Menu as their Main Menu, you could then put ‘333’ in this field. Alternatively this could be hard coded into Code Unit 1. Unfortunately the Object Designer is part of the client software itself and not part of the database (i.e. It is not listed within the object designer) and therefore cannot be called. So I am afraid that I do not believe that this is possible (Though I would be interested if anyone manages to find a way to do this). -------------------------------- Edward Bloomfield Microsoft Navision Support Consultant Cambridge Online Systems Limited

Actually it is Identified in table 2000000029 as : System 5210 However there is (to my knowledge) no way of running this “record”

And while we are at it, I have wished on numerous occasions that the object designer form were itself somehow “designable”… [:p]