Win2000 AD and Fin2.60

Tried to install more then one NF Server on the same Win200 AdvServer and to distribute them through AD, I received all of them on my Open-Dialog Server-List, but all with the same Servername (the DNS-name on which they are installed) but the correct description, but I could not open a special server by selecting from list. Only the DNS-name was given back. There is a little trick to open it with dns-name without having the service id within the services file on client. You can post the service id with the servername (i.e. ) but I do not think that this is the most easiest way to open a server via ActiveDirectory, or is it ? So my question is: Is there any idea how to get more than one Financials Server on the same machine and open them through Active-Directory Serverlist without editing the entry after getting back ?

The only way we’ve found it’s as you mention having a services entrance for each server and an alias with the service name on the dns of both, client and server… – Alfonso Pertierra Spain