will Navision Financials W1 run 2003 x86 R2 SP2? after restore cannot see company MENU (log in works)


We have production Navision Financials server (W1 server + 2.00B client) running native (non-SQL) setup on Windows 2003 SP2 standard 32-bit (non-R2). using TCPIP access method, networking is not a problem, all is configured correctly in HOSTS and SERVICES files (connection can be established).

Now, we built a newer server and loaded it with Windows 2003 Standard 32-bit R2 and updated forest/domain schemas, so new server could join in as a domain controller.

I installed NF W1 server (same as production one) successfully and restored latest backup from production server. all went smoothly … except a major problem. everybody who logs in to NF running on new 2k3 R2 can log in, but the Navision MENU does not show up at all. anybody knows what is causing this ?

Never had this problem with neither 2k, XP or 2003 (non-R2). is it something in 2003 R2 version that’s causing trouble ? does anybody know how to fix it ? thanks.


i think i know the reason why company MENU is not showing up after log in. it’s very strange because I went into Object Designer and can see all Tables in place, but … everything else is empty! no codeunits, dataports, forms and no reports!

Need to find another way of restoring database, obviosly restoring Entore Company from same (last) backup fails silently (no visible errors though). any help please ?

never mind. i found the root cause :(((

for some time i’ve been creating backups on productions server blindfolded (too much routine) and the Application Objects were deselected … now everything is clear why those objects were missing… ehhhh…

[:D] I was just about considering lack of AppObjects in bkp…

But, remember what Forest Gump said in same-named movie - s***t happens… All of us have had issues like this - you look directly at it but can’t see it… [:D]

yup, hehe, shit happens :slight_smile:

anyways, all works now, zero problems, thanks for selecting my solution, glad you liked it hehe :wink: