wiev scanned .BMP

Thanks to Ivor van Son for the .dll to scan pictures directly to Navision (http://www.falcon.nl/DOWNLOAD/DOWNLOAD_PICTURESCAN.HTM) Now I have just one problem: I’ve got the scanned image into my table (a BLOBfield, with SubType=Bitmap(what’s that about really?)), and I want to wiew the image in a form. But the image won’t show itself, only that horrible blue circle, indicating that a file is imported, but not a image (.bmp) file. When exporting the file, it works fine to open it in other programs (like Explorer or paint) anybody got a clue what’s wrong with me??? Arve

Before you show a picture from a bitmap stored in a Blob, you need to do a CALCFIELDS(BlobFieldName). The reason for this, is that the data is stored in a compressed format inside the Blob. To uncompress the calcfields instruction is required. Hint: In several previous topics you can find more information on using bitmaps and other pictures with Navision. Use the Search function to spot these topics. John

Thanks John, but that’s not my problem. I’ve created a Form like Form346 and uses simular code to start the form from my table with the BLOB. (read: - table links are OK) Have created Import-, Eksport- and Scann-buttons When using scanning software and save as file and “import” .bmp-file the picture is showing itself (when starting form from a record with importet BLOB), but on records with picture “scanned” directly to BLOB the picture is NOT showing itself (the blue circle appears). When exporting the “scanned” BLOB as ‘Pic1.bmp’ - the picturefile is appearing to be completely normal (able to open it in Paint and Explorer) OnPush on the ‘Scanning-button’ is this code: IF ISCLEAR(PictureScan) THEN CREATE(PictureScan); Picture.IMPORT(PictureScan.MakePicture,FALSE); CurrForm.SAVERECORD; It imports the file just fine, but it does’nt show in the form. Is there anything else I have to do??? Sorry for not writing this then first time Arve

Just a suggestion (haven’t tried it myself) have you tried if currform.update does the trick?

John - Currform.update does’nt work either. the problem is that some pictures show themselves (those scanned and stored as files and then imported into BLOB), and some don’t (those scanned directly into BLOB without saving as file first) I’ve isolated the problem to the file’s scanned directly to navision, and have noticed there’s a difference attributs in files. (the ‘scanned from Navision’ files does’nt have attributs about file type and resolution) currently I’m not able to upload the files, but send me a mail and you’ll get a copy of files in reply thanks Arve

Hi Arve, I´ve the same problem. Do You have any news about it. Thanks !

No guarantee, but when the header data is missing from the directly scanned file, Navision might simply refuse to process it. A BLOB can hold more than pictures, and probably at least some reference is needed (such as size, picture type) to get it displayed. Dedicated graphics programs will be more forgiving. Did you try Export into a *.bmp file and then re-import? Otherwise, it seems wise to contact the makers of the direct scanning routine and ask if they can update the program to create complete/compatible bmp’s. John