Why we cannot delete a posted transaction?

I just use Dynamics recently and very streesed because I cannot delete a transaction if I did posted it.

Can anybody tell me the reason why the creater make the Dynamics sofware so confusing like that???

Futhermore, why a transaction in the inventory cannot be reserved?

I know those questions may be stupid, but there must be some reason for the actions.


Can you expand on your statement “…transaction in the inventory cannot be reserved…”? Cause we have clients that do that all the time.

NAV does not allow you to delete a posted transaction cause that is how financial systems are supposed to work. It is not a flaw.

I think NAV users should be stressed if it is possible to delete a posted transaction, not oppusite. I dont know which version of Dyn NAV you use but in latest versions you can reserve a Item transaction.


well, how do I put it: That’s how NAV works. It’s a transaction-based accounting system at the core, and posting means recording as in “chiseling into stone”. This is required for the auditors to accept it as an accounting system. There are ways to reverse transactions, but some have so many dependencies that the designers decided not to implement it. This is also due to the fact that all reversal functionality wasn’t included when the core system was designed (the last time for Attain, version 3.0, that was released in 2001). And the reversals that are allowed are quite a hassle in itself, adding lots of complexity to an otherwise clean system. You can design a NAV-like system with reversals in mind with less complexity, but it requires a complete redesign of the core functionality.

These reversals are allowed:

  • Transaction and register, only for entries created by a general journal.

  • Unapplying of customer and vendor ledger applications.

  • Credit memo for invoice (and vice versa), with automatic application. To make sure that the item costs are reversed as they were created, you need to set the “exact cost reversing” flag in the setup.

  • Unapplying and re-applying of item ledger entries in the same form/page, will be one transaction.

  • Reversal of a warehouse receipt or shipment.

  • Correction of a prepayment.

All of these have certain non-obvious limitations, and bugs, making the regular use of them a major PITA. The better business process is to check before posting (statistics window, reconcile window, test report).

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Hi LovaSeck

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First of all NAV system does not allow to delete the posted transactions because every transaction is linked in lot of tables .

Now If user making a mistake in posting the transactions and afterwards they want to delete the record for hiding their mistake which is not at all acceptable in any financial system. Here we are not using any customized software where in we can have such kind flaw in system

I suggest rather than getting stressed out for deleting the record try to reverse the transaction which will reverse your impact.

For you second question why a transaction in the inventory cannot be reserved? :- Are you talking about reservation of inventory ? If yes then check on Item card whether you have enable the reservation for item as Always.