Why two menu items used to call same class from MenuItemButton?

Hi All,

There is two menu item named “SalesQuotationUpdate_Lost” and “SalesQuotationUpdate_Lost_Action” just with one change in property “Security Key” and “Label” as mention below.

SalesQuotationUpdate_Lost → Security Key = CustPeriodic and , Label = Quotation Lost.

SalesQuotationUpdate_Lost_Action → Security Key = CustMisc, Label = Lost Quotation.

Fist menu item is used in MenuItemButton on SalesQuotationTable Form under “Update” menu button.

Where second menu Item is used?

What is the purpose for this two menu items?


Mehul Thacker

One used from Accounts receivable\Periodic\Quotation update\Quotation lost - which is periodic job.

The other one used in List page \Forms\SalesQuotationListPage\ . The main purpose seems to show the security key difference based on where they are used.

Thanks Kranthi for digging up the code…

Yes its security key difference.

I have read help of CustMisc. they have mention that,

“It is necessary to grant access to this key so that users can access items at lower levels within the section. Access can be set up individually for each menu item, if required”

So that we can say that if user does not have rights to access “lower levels” things, though they could perform some of the functionalities of lower levels. For this type of case one can just change security key and make things work.