Why the "Group" control content is not changed while the FieldGroup on table has changed

Hi everyone,

I am asked to add a new field called ‘INWKCreditMax’ on [CustTable] table, and to replace the existing ‘CreditMax’ field in the field group of ‘Credit’ on the table of [CustTable]. I have done that like pic-1 shows.

But on the Form of [custTable], the Group control is NOT updated correspondingly, shown in pic-2. It still has the old ‘CreditMax’ field on it. I want to get rid of this ‘CreditMax’ and have the new field ‘INWKCreditMax’ field shown on the form, what can I do?

I have refreshed/compiled the Table/Form multiple times, though.

Thank you,






The reason is that not all groups in forms are connected with field groups. If you look at properties of TabSetup > Invoice, you’ll see that it has DataSource CustTable and DataGroup Invoice. But these properties are empty for the Credit group, therefore it just groups other form controls and knows nothing about any field group.

You have to do a change in the form - either add and remove the relevant fields or link the form group control to the field group.