Why report is not working?

Hi guys,

something that puzzles me, i have a report with only 1 data item. what it does is to loop through all items and search for all purchasing (purchase line, purchase invoice line) and sales history(sales line, sales invoice line).

i would allow user to filter by brand or date range of historical transactions.

it works ok when i did it in my local db, but when i load it to live, i cant run it. when i click run on the report, it just hang there showing program not responding. even the request form doesnt shows up at all!

i transferred the codes from init report to prereport already it still does not work.

i even tries to transferred the codes to item-preDataItem still it doesnt work already. anyone ever encounter this ‘phenomenon’?

hi guys,

my apology there’s something wrong with the server, after our guys restart, its ok already.