Why Qty.(Phys. Inventory) in Phys. Inventory Journal is not editable?


I can’t able to edit Qty.(Phys. Inventory) in Phys. Inventory Journal, if the location is directed put away and pick. But the Qty.(Phys. Inventory) is automatically calculating and showing wrongly. It would be highly appreciable, If anybody can help me how this field is calculating.



I tried in base database and Qty. (Phys. Inventory) field is editable only.

please check whether you have any customizations.

Hi Mohana,

In base database also it can not be edited, if the location is Directed Put away and pick. Giving below error… Actually I wanted to know how the Qty. (Phys. Inventory)is automatically calculated and what is the calculation formula…?

You cannot change the Qty. (Phys. Inventory) because this item journal line is created from warehouse entries.
Location BIANCO is set up with Directed Put-away and Pick and therefore changes must be made in a Whse. Phys. Invt. Journal.



ahh…I thought field is not editable in your case…you should have mentioned you are getting error while changing the value.

you should use Whse. Phys. Invt. Journal for Directed Put-away and Pick location which is located under

Warehouse–>Goods Handling Multiple Orders–>Periodic Activities

try changing the value here

The program processes the item entries according to the information that you specified, and creates lines in the physical inventory journal. Notice that the Qty. (Phys. Inventory) field is automatically filled in with the same quantity as the Qty. (Calculated) field. With this feature, it is not necessary for you to enter the actual inventory on hand for items that are the same as the calculated quantity