Why NAV Accepts more than 1440 Minutes Run Time for a Machine.

Hi All,

I would like to know , why Dynamics NAV Accepts more than 24 Hours Run Time in a Day for a Machine? A Machine should accept only 24 hours of run time in a Day.

I want to restrict the same while entering Output Journals. Is there any particular reason NAV allows that and if there is any way I can stop without doing any customization.

Thanks in Advance.

There is no way as far as I know

Dear Mr Mohana,

There is no way for what?

If possible please help me to know how we will calculate OEE in this situation. I am facing it quite difficult to design OEE Report even after doing few customization.

So if the user is still active after 24 hours, then you want to kick him out? I know some labor unions would love if systems just shot down. But NAV keeps running until you tell it not to run. And I have never heard about any other systems doing this - except for some very old systems who needed downtime every night. [:)]

Or is what you’re looking for to kill inactive session?

If that’s the case, then take a look at Expandit Client Manager. This utility is something I always recommend my customers, as most customers with just 15-20 licenses, easily can save 1-2 or more, so easily worth the price. A lot of ways you can configure the clients. You even have a setting in where it detects if NAV is currently inactive because it’s actually running a large report, so that it doesn’t kill your month end reports!

It always helps with a bit of extra information from the person asking a question, not only which version of NAV you’re using (an easy way is just to use the “tagging” when you ask your question and ex. tag it with NAV2009 or whatever version you’re using).
You asked about why NAV is not stopping automatically after 24 hours.

But is your real issue performance and that you have a report which runs more than 24 hours? My guess is that these “few customizations” somehow made things go into loop. I would reload the old version to test that it still runs as fast as before, and then debug the new version, to see where it goes wrong.

Dear Mr Erik P. Ernst,

Many thanks for reply.

Actually my question is related to Production and Machine Capacity. For ex. Machine No.-X should not accept more than 24 hours as Run Time in a Day. How can we restrict that. Sometime users make mistakes and post wrong Run Time which create problem when we analyse Machine Efficiency and other details.

Ok, again it would have helped with a bit more information when you first as a question. Just remember What, Where and When, not only What! [;)]

And if you wanted an answer to how to do it without customizations, then your question should rather have been asked in the “NAV End User Forum”. In the “NAV Developer Forum” the most likely answer would be to write a few lines of code to the onVALIDATE code of the field, preventing the entry. Or a line of code to validate for it, the the check posting codeunit.

But you’re right there might just be a way to do it.