why multiple time record saved?

Hi All,

i cann’t save my records in my form. after pressing F5 only , it ll save.

and also in my form line, the records are saved so many times

what is the problem in my form?

I think the record is stored before F5 pressing, but the form is not refreshed. How do you insert a record?

Or you have modifications in form datasource methods like write, refresh.


Problem is not with saving. The issue is to do with data refresh of the form. Please search this forum on how to refresh data as this was discussed many times before and implement the solution to address the issue.

i called refresh(). but still now it’s not working. same problem is countinue

tell another possible way

i didn’t get any idea. please tell where is it???/

Did a quick search for you and found this - http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/p/40448/207331.aspx#207331

Try to call



public void write()

this coding wrote in my Datasource.

but this problem is coming contentiously

You should call


after you all records are inserted.