Why is possible to save/export some reports and not others?

Hi everybody…

Here is another questions for you experts…

I’ve tried to search for the answer but I’ve not been able to find it, till now.

I’m a newbie in Navision and the question is:

my navision installation is “standard”…
I tested the program version 2009 using two reports with the “Cronus” db:

  • Sales Invoice (in the Object designer is “206 - Sales Invoice”)
  • 12120 - VAT register print

When I click the “preview” button for the first report, there is no “saving/exporting button”, while when I see the preview of the second report, that button is in his place on the top bar. The second one is specifically for printing? I would like to understand how can I make this button available for every report.
I also ignore how and where the top bar I see in report is managed…

thank you in advance for help

This has basically to do with a code in Navision which determines if the report running in preview or print mode to write back the “No. printed” information in the header table.

If you would print from the preview, the system cannot update the “number printed” anymore because the code runs only ones.

So basically as soon as the function “CurrReport.PREVIEW” is being used in some code in the report you will not be able to print/save from the preview anymore.