Why initialization check-list shows incomplete but compiled AX 2012 FP?

Hi there, I removed the license code for Public sector and Retail and did a data synch. After that I compiled the AX 2012 FP and it showed three errors related to Projtrans (this I believe are usual suspects) and two warnings - No errors reported on CIL. However, when I reopen the Initialization check-list, it still shows that the compile, CIL and synchronize data are not completed. Any idea ?

These were originally compiled in Dev and copied over to Test

Appreciate your help

thoughts any one?

You’ll have to import the complete license file without removing any key. The checklist works fine than, when removing a key the ceckliat Will not work so gar. After completing the checklist you can remove the license key.

Yes. I originally imported the license file and compiled it once. Later, I attempt to remove the license code those two modules.