Why does the displayed font change?

I am running Attain 3.01 on several windows 2000 and 2003 servers. Some of the windows 2003 servers are multilanguage, and are running Chinese PRC as the language for non-unicode programs. Whilst others are using English as the language for non-unicode programs. When printing, and even inputting the same character, i.e. a “1” within any text input field, it looks wildly different. On the english server, the “1” has no little bar at the bottom, but when I switch to the chinese server, the “1” has a little bar. it gets even worse when I try to print barcodes. The chinese server outputs just numbers, whilst the english server prints the barcodes fine. Any help would be really appreciated Zed PS I forgot to mention, that all this is done via Citrix :stuck_out_tongue: PPS This issue does not occur when this test is done within word/write etc.

Do you have the barcode font installed on both servers?

Yes! Exactly the same barcode program is installed on both servers, in exactly the same method. In fact I went as far as installing it in tandem! How sad is that :stuck_out_tongue: