Why Does the Aged Creditors report Take 4 HOURS???

Hi Everybody Whenever I run the aged Creditors report in navision 1.30b it takes 4 HOURS which I was told by my Navision provider was a bug which could only be fixed by upgrading. The problem is my navsion has been modified so much that upgrading is not an option this year. I am not sure that it is a bug. The Aged Debtors report take a while as well but not as long as the creditors. many thanks justin

Hi Justin I cannot comment on whether this is a bug in 1.30b or not as I do not have the experience - has it always taken this long? Anyway hopefully someone here will be able to shed some light. As an alternative and cheaper solution to upgrading (seems ridiculous if this report is the sole reason) you could consider buying the ODBC drivers for Navision (I think this is possible for 1.30b) for about £460 and use a third party report writing tool to extract the data (Seagate Crystal report writer professional single user is about £200). People may not like using outside tools but if the solution has merits you can at least consider it and if you think its viable then go ahead with it. Hope this helps. Have fun waiting for the creditors report to come off! Steve

I vaguely remember having the same problem - I think the problem was that the report was doing sequential searches rather than using the indexes/keys. I’m sure you could get your solution provider to review/amend the report to ensure the keys are being used properly.

I do not have any experience specifically with 1.30b but usually this kind of problem in reports exactly relates to searches on non-index fields. In technical terms there is a SETFILTER or SETRANGE on a field that is not part of a key or index. Usually it should be sufficient to activate an appropriate key (SETCURRENTKEY) before using that search. If you see some sort of text like “searching for … in table …” in the status bar of Navision then this is exactly what takes so much time. Hope this helps. Regards Nils Michaelis Real Soft AG, Switzerland