Why does my form auto tab from first input field to grid or auto disable input fields

Hello all,

Let me describe the 2 issues i have.

I have a form like sales order details. A grid on top section and a grid on the bottom section tied to 2 different data sources. The data source for the bottom grid is related to the data source for the top grid. The bottom section also has input fields not bound to any data sources. The input fields are in their own group and the grid is in its own group in the bottom section. (I also have button groups in the top and bottom sections)

The flow is intended to be like this. The user creates a new record on the top grid then focus is placed on the first input field in the bottom section. The user is supposed to enter the input data and click a button which will create the rows in the grid on the bottom section. The grid is refreshed after the code runs to add rows to the table that is the data source on the bottom grid. Easy enough. Right?

Here is where my problem kicks in:

During this process, when focus is put on the first input field in the bottom section, the cursor jumps to the first enabled field in the grid on the bottom section. When I click on the first input field again, focus stays on that field. Why is that?

Now here is where I started toying around. I set the InsertIfEmpty on the datasource for the grid in the bottom section to no then opened the form and created a new record in the top grid. This caused all my input fields on the bottom section to be disabled. Why is that?

Fyi, I added another input field in the bottom section called StupidField with no property changes other than AutoDeclaration set to yes. This new field behaved the same way.

Any help would be appreciated.



I did not solve the issue when the input fields are in the same tab page as the bottom grid. I solved my immediate problem for the project by moving the input fields to a group separate from the top grid and the bottom grid.

Ultimately I have three groups:

1 for top tab page/grid

1 in the middle for input fields

1 at the bottom for tab page/grid related to the top grid.