Why do we use InitFrom methods in Ax?

Please any one can explain why do we use InitFrom methods in ax?

I have seen in methods of SalesTable .

HI sridhar,


This post may help you…




Executed When a record is inserted or updated (based on our scenario).

we need to copy few field value from another table for Current Record that situation we call InitFrom(parmameters) before inserting records.


Syed Abuthahir

InitFrom method will be used to get the values in a field in Table from other table. Ex: Say in your case “InitFromCustTable” method in SalesTable will be used when there will be a need of customer data population in sales order, or when you are creating SO though X++ and once after providing the custaccount in salestable you can call initfromcusttable(Which does the population of required customer account details in sales order such as : Custgroup, LineDisc, Tax, Delivery name etc…