Why do pending prices come back when I'm trying to determine an item's cost price?

Using this code, it will return a pending price if the pending price’s date is more current. This doesn’t make sense to me because our pending prices haven’t been “approved” yet.

InventPriceMap inventPrice;


inventPrice = InventItemPrice::findCostingVersion(‘1001’, “Standard”, today(), CostingVersionPriceType::Cost, ‘DIM 2805292’, ‘SITE’);

The API meant to return the prices either simulated or activated prices.

Basically it will search and returns the latest prices either simulated or activated.

What is the reasoning behind that? Wouldn’t simulated (pending) prices be essentially possible prices that are not yet activated? Perhaps we are negotiating/guessing the price, but we are not sure yet. Why would AX pull that in as the price?