Why consumed capacity didn't create G/L entry?

Normally we use released prod. order and post run/setup time in output journal. And then in the end of every month the batch job of Adjust Cost- Item Entry and Post Inventory Cost to G/L are run. Therefore,the system will generate related G/L entry for input capactiy and variance capacity according to the inventory posting setup. Currently we have some consumed capacity for repair order, which was posted through capacity journal. In order to compare capactiy consumed by prod. order and cap. journal, I run the monthly-end batch job and find the capcity cosumed by prod. order generated some G/L entry. But the system didn’t create g/l entry related to the capacity conusmed by capacity journal. Why? Is there anything else to be setup additionally? I used the same work center. And Navision version is 3.01B. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

No reply? Do I describe the issue unclearly?