why can't access navision from clinet PC

I restore a Navision database to another test sql server. It only allow me to access Navision database from the client program installed in the test server. If you try to login it from the other client PC. It failed. Why? Any ideas? p.s. I also try to register the test sql server to the sql server Enterprise Manager on my PC.It also failed. I try to ping the server from client PC. The connection is OK. Version: Navision 3.01 Sql server 2000 win2k server

Since you have a sql installation problem - no conn with EM - are you sure you have installed SQL Server correctly and main issue - do u have the right users to access the test sql?

Just a thought, Are you using finsql on all clients.

If you are trying from another PC your setup could be using OS Authentication which means the Windows user you are logging on as doesn’t have permission. 1) What’s the exact error message? 2) From the Tools menu, have a look at both Database logins and Windows logins 3) From Enterprise manager, have a look at Security → logins That should be a good starting point. Yonis