Why axapta slowly?

Install axapta application (Drive-C) + SQL Server (Drive-D) on computer spec Dell 2600, Xeon 3.06 GHz x2 , RAM 4 GM, HD 36 GB x 6 (10000 rpm), Lan 1.0 G , OS = windows 2003 server , 40 user for axapta, Leased line 512 Kbps. User tell me about axapta slowly and if LAN slowly then WAN slowly follow perhaps Axapta client has hang and close application. So i check performance of windows, result = graph show Avg.Disk Queue Length of Physical Disk peak 100 %. And check performance with axapta tool result = Client/Server connection , Bandwidth: 100,000,000,000.00 Kbps, Latency 0.00 ms and database connection: 29.78 , 906.21 points per hour . I don’t know why axapta very slowly but i think hard disk use r/w very hard pls help me about axapta slowly. best regards.

Hi, 1) Check the size of the company logo bitmap, make logo as small as possible in kbytes. You can test the size in the db using this SQL command: Select dataareaid,name,datalength(logo) from ###.companyinfo; where ### is the owner of the table. 2) If database is not initialized for Unicode then uncheck the setting in the configuration of the AOS br,

I think , Lobo company and unicode not apply use axapta slowly.

What operations are slow? There are situation when concurent access to some tables causes locking and other theads have to wait until first operation completes (this is usually true when posting Purchase Order).