Why are there different templates pages when creating a customer?

When creating a new customer directly from customer list, you can use function “apply template” on the card to insert some predefined data, the function will open up the " Config, Template List" page.

When creating a customer from contact, the program will ask you if you want to create from template. Answering yes will bring up a " customer template" page/

Why is there 2 different templates placeholder?


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There can be even more than 2 - you can make as many different templates as you need.

The difference between them will be mainly in Posting Groups, usually there are different sets of PGs for inland and foreign customers, some users separate customers between different inland regions and so on. If new Customer is created by a salesperson, they do not need to think about all this setup they know nothing about - they simply choose from appropriate template Accounting Dept has created for them.

Thanks Modris! I found this forum extremely helpful!

I understand the concepts of templates but don’t understand why there are 2 different places to setup customer template sets. User will have to maintain 2 separate template sets for customer.