Why AOS hang?

Dear All, My customer have aos hang so i open event view . I have message error log following at below. 1. Object Server Axapta: , 64, , 29, \ServerName\Navision\Axapta Application\appl\standard\axsys.aod, retry. or Object Server Axapta: , 64, , 17, \ServerName\Navision\Axapta Application\appl\standard\axapd.aoi, retry. 2.Object Server Axapta: , --# FV EIP----- RetAddr- FramePtr StackPtr Symbol 0 .V 7ffe0304 004ddcb9 0950c900 0950c5f4 SymGetSymFromAddr exit code 126 SymGetLineFromAddr exit code 126 SymGetModuleInfo exit code 126 1 .V 004ddcb9 00000000 00000000 0950c5f4 Mod: Ax32Serv[Ax32Serv.exe], base: 00400000h Stackdump exit code 487 (Attempt to access invalid address) I don’t know , Why Axapta AOS hang? Pls, help me. Best Regards, donut.

Hi, From the message it looks like the application folder path in AOS is not configured properly. Please make sure all the paths including database are configured correctly and also make sure that there is no network issues between the servers. Regards, Harish Mohanbabu