whta costing should it be?

Hi for one of the clients i have the following scenario. 1.ITEM A is at 4 $ cost price and the current available quantity is 30 PCS 2.customer walks in and says he wants 1000 PCS. 3.then ITEM A at 3 $ is orders and sold to the customer at 3.10 $ client does not want to average out the cost of the ITEM A which was at 4 $ and the newly bought in at 3 $. so please suggest how to go on this. should a new item be created. thanks.

Hi MK, firstly, it really should not mater to your clients customer what costing method is used. For them, all that matters is the price they pay. Unless there is some copmplex business requirement that you have not mentioned. Basically it looks like your client is useing Average cost, so if they actually want FIFO, then they should set upt he items to that costing method. But really this is not a Navision question, it is a business requiremtn that they cleint needs to solve either them selves in consultation with yur comapny (as consulatants that’s what you are paid for). ANd determine hwo they should cost out their inventory. Do a search on this site for things like FIFO, Inventory costing and Average cost, there is tons more information here.

Hi David Thanks for the reply.

You’re welcome.