Who changed exchange rates

My client ask me to investigate who has changed the exchange rates in AX2009. Please show me how to do that.

Hi Aiman,

Generally all the changes in AX can be tracked by using the ‘Database Log’ facility. Go to System Administration > Set up > Database > database log set up. Run the wizard with the feild you want to track (as in your case Change in exchange rate).

Now for auditing the changes go to System Administration > Inquiries > Database > Database log. Here you will find all the tracking details. But for change in exchange rates, i dont think AX have this feild (Change in exchange rate). You need to add this feild.

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Such information is not logged by default - you would have to have some logging in place, typically Database log in AX.

One theoretical option would be to extract that from SQL Server transaction log (if you have one for the time when it happened). I wouldn’t bother with that, if I was you.

Thanks a lot both of you because trying to help me. Really appreciated that. [:D]

Hi Martin / Azri,

Please can you provide me Database Log table for Exchange change rate .

Shiva Prasad

HI Martin,

Please can you provide the NoDE in Database log for Exchange change rate.

Shiva parasad