Who can distribute CRM module?

Should I be a certificated CRM specialist or it’s enough that company has a Navision solution center status ? Thank you,

Hi Relationship management within Navision or Microsoft CRM [;)]. I will presume it is the Navision one. Well simply put if you have not been on the course you will find it harder to implement and advise the best way to use the module. But this has never stopped any reseller from selling something in the past! I would advise you go on the course to assist the customer to the best of your abilities, but I do not think it prevents a sale of the module (certainly in if you scream hard enough they will probably let you sell it!)

Thank you for answer, but how it’s work on formal life not in real?

Hi Irish I’m sorry I don’t understand your question [:)]

Steven, Ok … sorry for slur … but the main question was: By MSB rules should I have a certificate of CRM module to distribute it to the customers or it doesn’t matter and it’s enough to have some persons inside company who has Navision Overview certificates. What is the official rules of MSB? Who can distribute? Maybe somebody knows?

Hi Irish I can only speak form a UK perspective. There is no exam and it is not on the compulsory list - so according to current Microsoft practices we could sell CRM without attending the course. So I believe you do not have to have the certificate to sell it - however you ask “should” I would say yes [:D].