WHM going off of Qty to Handle?

I have a client that has requested to modify the WHM to calculate Available to Pick off of Qty. to Handle instead of Outstanding Qty. I know this is a pretty big change in how WHM functions. My question is what kinds of impact to the base Navision will I cause if I were to make this change? I know Navision uses Outstanding Qty. for a good reason, but I’m not sure what… I’m hoping the great Navision minds in this forum can shed some light on this issue. Thanks a million! [|)]


You should show them the ADCS add-on from Lanham and Associates. It greatly expands the abilities of ADCS. www.lanhamassoc.com.

Sorry, to help with your question, picks in 3.7 are living documents. You can partially pick, register (post) and continue working on the same pick later. We use this ability for a customer that we pick about 150 orders per day. We’ll give each warehouse person one pick with about 25 orders on it. They register (post) each time they complete an order and then continue on to the next. This way we don’t have a million picks all over the place. It seems to keep the warehouse person focused. In 2.6AD, when a pick was posted that was it. Complete or not it no longer existed.