WHM Break Bulk

Dear all, I have following issue with Break Bulk functionality on Navision version 3.60: Location Setup: Allow break bulk: TRUE I have a box of 25 in inventory and 10 eaches (and that is the only inventory). I have sales order of quantity 20 eaches Now when i create pick document from shipment, system is not breaking the bulk of box and hence i can not post the pick. whereas had i have 2 boxes (basically anything more than 1) then system bulk breaks one box and i can post the pick. Do any body has any idea of this peculiar behaviour. Looking forward to hearing from you. Regards Devinder Sareen

Hi Devinder, I too had some Problem with Break bulks but later after making the corrections it allowed me to perform break bulk and allowed posting of picks. Can you tell me what is the warning message you receive when you perform break bulk? is it saying the base unit of measure cannot change as there are one or more ledger enteries? Make sure you had set 2 different “unit of measures” for the system to perform Break Bulks. Box- Pieces. Thanks & Regards,

If you guys use ADCS check out the RF add-on from Lanham & Associates. It takes warehouse management and ADCS to a whole new level. We really have seen significant productivity gains from it. Their website is www.lanhamassoc.com. That aside, you may really want to see if your issue was addressed with the 3.7 release. I think there were a lot of WM bug fixes.

Dear Mr Reddy, thanks for replying My problem is arising because in case i have only one box left ( i.e. unit of measure that is bigger than that i wish to pick) and system is not breaking bulk so system throws an error saying that you dont have enough quantity in the lower unit of measure. Note that if i have more than one box then it is breaking the bulk into smaller unit of measure If you have any idea whether this is a known error and if this has been corrected? Please note that this is 3.60 database and client has no intention of upgrade in near future. Regards, Devinder Sareen

3.60 had many issues in regards to break bulk and other WMS functionality. We fought long and hard with MBS to make the fixes and they finally did so…only in 3.70. Unless you want to fix them yourselves, then 3.70 is the way to go. Also, there are many other improvements in 3.70 over 3.60 so it shouldn’t be that hard of a sell and the upgrade path itself isn’t that significant according to the developer I’v talked with. An upgrade would be well worth the effort.