white spaces in ssrs report


when i print salesinvoice report as credit note ,some controls are hidden iso other controls below are occupying the white spaces…

but i want to remain the hidden controls as white spaces on report…please anyone can help on this


I’m not sure i fully understand what you want. Let me know if i misunderstand.

You have to Edit the SalesInvoice.Report in Visual Studio :

Go to the Design and in the bottom of the page you can see the Lines groups and Columns groups.

Click on the arrow on the right of those groups and select advanced mode. You can see now the lines of the matrix.

Now select the textBoxes of the line you want and set the hidden property to True or copy the Hidden property of the line.

Set the Hidden property of this line to false.

Hope this helps

Hi florent,

we have done customizations for Standard sales invoice report where below logo box we have kept one “textbox”" where it prints long text for invoice report…if it is credit note (invoice amount =-67 ,negative value it will print as credit note)…for credit note long text not available so all page header control move up…but i want look and feel of report same for invoice and credit note:

i tried with all below soln:

1insert rectangle inside that placing textbox

2.placing additional text box and try to fill gap ,tried with cangrow and can shrink property too on textbox

but it is not working…i hope you uderstood…ple help me