While modifying CU-12 showing the error "You do not have permission to insert into the G/L Entry table."

As per our clients’s requirement, I was trying to reverse the G/L Entry as on work date. That means the old entry to be reversed on work date instead of posting date of the G/L Entry. To do so, while I am trying to modify the Code Unit (12) Gen. Jnl.-Post Line, system giving below mwntioned error.

“You do not have permission to insert into the G/L Entry table.”

Can anyone please share your experience if you had come across with the similar requirement?

Thanks in advance.


If you’re using a developer license then the role assigned to your login must not have proper permissions. I would say that’s a good thing because I’m not convinced that modifying codeunit 12 to reverse entries is the right thing to do.

If you have a customer license then you need to get your partner involved. Customer licenses, even when the development granules are part of it, typically do not have direct permission into the ledger entry tables.

I having the developer license with SUPER user permission. I have tried to modify in Table level -ID 179 Reversal Entry . But the reversal is happening on CU-12. Is there any other way to reverse the entries?

Are you getting this error message while Saving the CU12 or executing the reversal process?

Exactly when you are getting this error ???

I am getting this error while saving CU12.

Then this is License Issue only…Use your Parner License to modify the CU if you are a Partner else contact Partner…

I’ll elaborate a little here…

When you want to develop an object, you need a developer license, one that has permission to save the object type and number. When you then add programming to that object that use other objects, the license also has to have permission to those other objects. So you could have the developer granule which would give you access to a new codeunit number 50000. Now if you want to add some programming that loops through a certain table, then that table needs to be in your license as well. So if you do not have the Service Management granule, you cannot add code that looks into the Service Ledger tables for instance.

In addition to that, even with all of the developer granules, with a customer license you will not get direct insert rights into certain core application tables, and the G/L Entry table is one of those tables.