While creating SalesEnquiry No

In Sales Enquiry Form Creating SalesEnquiry Number the following error i got.

The Sales Header already exists. Identification fields and values: Document Type=‘Quote’,No.='1230’

Please give me the solution in C# Code.

Hi K L P!

First of all are you talking even about Dynamics NAV? I ask because you cannot code in C# directly in Navision! So I must admit I have no idea what you are trying to do!

Second, you are not a new member here anymore, so you should know what this website is by now! This is a “user community” - which means that we help each other, if we know the answer or guide each other in the direction of the right answers. Be polite and always add enough details so that the other members don’t have to guess what you are trying to do. Please read this page again: http://dynamicsuser.net/content/how-to-ask-a-question.aspx

Erik P. Ernst,

I am developing Sales,Customer and Contact forms in ASP.Net using C#,so that i asked the above question.

Hi K L P,

That’s fine, then you just asked your question in the wrong forum. The “Developers Forum” is for developing in NAV’s C/SIDE.

H Naidu,

The error message is clearly tells that the no is already exist

Go to Sales ->Setup in the numbering tab you can see the Quote Nos, click the lookup button it will take you to the no series , there check the last no used. change that and try. the quote no which you are generating throung NoSeriesManagement web service is gives the quote no is already exist change the last no used , ask your NAV developer to do the changes in nav side, when you consume the GetNextNo pass the modify no series parameter as true. so that it will automatically update the last no used in the table.


Jerome Marshal. J

Hi Marshal,

Actually error is like that but in DB number is not created,in C# coding exception is like that any help please.

Thanks in advance.

K L P Naidu

Hi me too faced the same error for this u need to create sale order like below in 4 steps

1)Create Sale Header

2)Update Sale Header

3)Create Sale line

4)Update sale line

you can create and update multiple sales lines too.


Jerome Marshal. J