Which training to get??

Currently I work with a Document management solution which has a Dynamics AX/NAV connector. While I have been supporting this for about 18 months I have recently been given the freedom to start digging in to the ERP side a little more. I’m pretty enthused about AX and enjoying learning. I would like to take this further and I’m looking to become a AX developer. I was hoping I could get some recomendations in to the best path to take. I’m currently looking at the E-learning Ax development courses, is there anything else you’d recomend? Also there is the question of experiance, it seems that the old problem of getting that first year or two might come to bite me. Are there any tips? Would supporting this DAXI solution with some code based experiance help?

Many Thanks

-Howard Webb


Any way you are going through the Microsoft development documentation. which will help you to start up…

Apart from that U try to understand the standard reports ,tables and classes how they are built and they are being used (by debugging)

It may be difficult for you to understand all these things as a beginner…

There are many experts here - who will help you to come out your difficulty…

All the best…

Hi Howard,

In addition to e-learning courses, consider doing a course from companies like Firebrand.

But before doing any course, go through developers guide thoroughly and acquaint yourself with fundamental concepts. In my opinion, developers guide is a great resource. It is very well designed and it takes the reader across the subject in a logical, orderly fashion.

Also if you haven’t read Dynamics Ax 4.0 ebook from Microsoft, please do so. There is wealth of information on various aspects of DAX. To download free copy google this term ‘Dynamics Ax 4.0 free ebook’

Also least active participation in forums like this would immensely help in expanding your knowledge.

Last but not least obviously practice is necessary.



Where do you live? I can get you into an Instructor Led AX developer course for a very reasonable price. AND the instructors are hand picked from Microsoft.