Which tables is already built?

I’m new in axapta and wondering how to understand which tables has been in axapta and which should be built by user. For example, I want to use Human Resource module, how do understand which tables exist and which are not. I want to develop but afraid if there will be duplication since I create a new table which has already exist with different name. I was also wonder what does the prefix of the tables mean? Such as BAS… , DEL_ …, Jmg… ,smm… ,sys… ,tmp… etc. Thanks a lot.

halo agus, in axapta if you have modification in any node (table,class,report,etc) there will be “(USR)” after the name of the node. if you afraid about duplication … just explore the HR module … and you can see which one is already there and which one is not … i’ve developed HR module too and of course with it’s payroll … but it just little indonesian payroll … and don’t affraid to make any mistake in costumizing something … if you make a mistake in USR layer … just delete those node and it will refresh to the original version(upper layer) best regards, Danang Ismu .S.

Hello. I agree with Danang, just explore the module to find what you have and don’t have. However, the tables in the Human Resource Module have the prefix HRM… for example HRMInsurance. Thats also the answer of your second question. The prefix in the tablename tells tou what type of table it is(not always). BAS → Basic tables, DEL → Deleted tables(table not used), smm → CRM module. I hope that helps. Peter Karlsson

Thanks for you all man!