Which SQL table holds the nominal distributions for Sales Invoices?


Can anyone tell me which table holds the nominal distributions for a particular Sales Invoices?

This is where the Sales Invoices are in the Customer Ledger ENtry Table.



Can you be more clear…I didnt get your requirement…


I have found invoices I need to migrate to another system within the Customer Ledger Entry Table.

However these dont have line items and hence the only way to detect which type of Invoice they are and the “Product” I need to allocate in the invoice I am creating to be migrated into the new system, is to use the nominal allocation for that invoice.

Problem is I have looked at the “Ledger Entry Dimension” table but all the rows are set to the same dimension in there.


You need to know the Posted Items from Sales?

Did you check [ABC$Sales Invoice Line] table?

Mike it looks like you are trying to extract Navision data to another system. Your best solution is to work with your NAV partner, as they will know where all this data is. Getting step by step support from forums, is not their purpose.

I agree with David. While I certainly admire you trying to figure it out on your own, it would be much faster, and probably cheaper to get the NAV Partner involved. I understand wanting to do what you can on your own, though.

One additional tip I will share, if you can find the data in NAV, do a Zoom (Ctrl + F8) on the record in question. The window that opens will show you the field values in that record, and perhaps more importantly for you, the window title will contain the table name. So if you can manually navigate to it in NAV that can help you down the path of determining a query.