Which one represent machine centeres and work centeres in this case proplem

Hi guys I have specified case proplem

I work in concrete readymix company have more branches.

my purpose from company produce ready mix concrete.

every company have more batch plant

you input gravel and cement and water and sand to every batch planet as input and output or result ready mix concrete.

My question here what i must added in machine center and what must added in work center


Company A

Batch pant 1 Batch plant 2

Workers input raw materials as Sand - Gravel -Cement-Water in batch plant to get ready mix

Supplier----------car------Sand - Gravel -Cement-Water--------input---------Batch Plant 1----output--------Readymix

concrete-----pump car----------Customer

Customer sell ready mix

Readymix concrete output is a,b,c,d this depend on components´╗┐

Which here represent work center and which represent machine center


Hi Ahmed,

A Machine Centers are really just another detail level to the Work Center. They are the actual capacities in a work center.

thanks for reply How i calculate unit cost in work center

Hi Ahmed,

Please ask a new question in a new post.

But to be short, you the unit cost in a work center is calculated the same way as you calculate your cost as a resource in a NAV project. You add up the total monthly cost of running the resource/work center and divide it with the number of hours the resource can operate per month. In case of a work center with multiple machine centers, then you need to include them when calculating the number of available hours per month.