Which Navision Tables to Import Sales&Use Taxes

I have State/Province, County, City and Local tax data for all of the U.S. and Canada. Please help me detirmine into which Navision table(s) and columns I should import this data. I am having great difficulty detirmining this myself. The data I have resides in one table and containes the following types of data: ---------------- [GeoCode]: a ten character code identifying a State/Province, County, City or Locality [Jurisdiction]: a one charcter code detirmining whether the tax is a State, County, City or Locale tax [State]: state abbreeviation [County]: county name [City]: city name [LocalDesc]: locality name [SalesTax]: sales tax percent (decimal) [UseTax]: use tax percent (decimal) [EffDate]: tax effective date [LocationFilingCode]: [Admin]: a one charcter code detirmining the State, County or City Authority Administering Taxes

You can’t pull both US and Canadian tax into one system. Think of a US company having nexus in Canada, it isn’t logical. I know that there are requirements for you to collect Canadian tax if you have an official office in Canada, but it is not as simple as just setting up Canadian tax in your US database. I have tried this for two clients so far, and in both cases, their accountants realized they had to redefine proceedures. As to your question, this is definitely NOT an end user question, and you are going to have to refer to your NSC.