which method is used to display method name next to the emplid???

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is there any way to add a empid(by field), name(by method) in a form’s init() method???

i tried using [tablenum(tablename, field1), tablemethodstr(tablename, methodname)], but i am getting an error… how to solve this? i need to get the display method name next to the emplid???

Why are you wanting to do this in the form’s init method? Can you just drag the display method onto the form/grid using MorphX?

Hi Alex,

thanks for your reply… but that is my requirement from form’s init() only… so any idea? plz do share?

I am using this in SysListPanelRelationTableCallback::newForm() …can any one sort out this?


Can u tell us the full functionality of ur requirement ?


I need to call the naem of the employee from the table’s method?

so is there any wway that i can isert the method in to that funtionality?

Hi All,

Can anyone help me on this issue?


One easy way is to create a display method in the table which you are currently using… Then , create one string field in your form design, select the datasource and in Datamethod, type the created method name…Thats it… There is no need add code in form init method…

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HI Lilly,

If you able to get the empId in the init of the form, then to get the emp name use find of that table

example – empname = EmpTable::find(empId).empname;

HI All,

Is it possible that we can use it in SysListPanelRelationTableCallback::newForm() ???