Which Library to use for an Automation?

I have written a report that pulls information from Navision Native Db tables 3.7 and passes them to Access 2002. Everything works fine. I was wondering though about the selection of an appropriate ActiveX Data Object Library Version. The Automation Server List has ActiveX DataObject libraries 2.0,2.1,2.5,2.6 and 2.7 Is it best to always select the latest library version, or does it depend on the version of Navision or Access? What are the consequences of the wrong choice? TIA

David you need to use “Microsoft Access 11.0 Object Library” if you have installed Access 2003 or like that I mean “Microsoft Access 10.0 Object Library”. Then you could administer an access aplication within navision.

You should select the latest version unless you have some specific compatibility requirements (i.e. client PCs with only an older version installed). Referencing an older version in Navision will generally work on a PC with a newer version. However, there may be some subtle incompatibilities. When we upgraded from Office 97 to 2000, I had to change some reports because a few Word functions (notably the SaveAs method, IIRC) were no longer compatible.