Which is to Choose for work "Ms Dynamics CRM" or ".Net Programming(c#/asp.net)"?

i join a company, after seen my programming skills(which is awesome) they gave me an option to work on ‘MS CRM’.

So for what should i go “Ms CRM” or “C# & asp.net programming” as per as my profile???

about my profile:

country: India

programming skills: awesome in c#, asp, sql server, but dont even know the abc of CRM means i m NULL in crm (but company is ready to gave me a tranning)

Education: pass Engg. in Computer Science in 2012

Experiance: 6month only in developing windows and web application, web services, windows services

Working successfully with Dynamics CRM requires that you know a lot more than “the abc of CRM”. And in my mind then it’s not enough just to “know”, but it needs to interest you. Otherwise you’ll get bored.

m a quick learner so i can learn quickly and understand… but as per as my career which is the best option to choose???

The best option is whatever you like to most?

Programming all kinds of different cool systems as a general developer?

Or specializing in developing and customizing Dynamics CRM?

As long as Dynamics CRM stays as successful then you will have no problem finding a job as a Dynamics CRM developer and the salary will most likely be higher. But if Dynamics CRM is no longer as popular then it will become more difficult.

I wouldn’t change my personal career path, which surely has been one of the “specialist”. But at the same time then I wouldn’t recommend anyone to follow it, as it does require a lot of additional hard work, studying, which you often are not getting paid for.

you know C# and you can learn CRM but its depend upon your passion