which Hotfix/Service Pack is installed?

Hello, is there a way to get an info about which hotfixes/SPs are installed without analysing the version numbers of the objects? The build number says nothing about the installed hotfixes [:0]. The Info Window just gives me the version number of the client (3.70). Sickening me even more [}:)]. Does anyone has an idea? Thanks in advance! Greetings from Cologne Marc Deitermann

To be sure you have to analyse the objects version numbers.

The build number is an ‘Easter egg’ – double click the version number on the Help, About dialog… Somewhere else I’ve seen a build number to hotfix map – oh yeah, here it is: http://www.navision.net/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=8787

But that’s the Build of the FIN.EXE file which shows HotFixes concerning executable code. It has no relation to the Application Objects and HotFixes consisting of C/AL Code changes.

July of last year, Navision US emailed out a newsletter that explained how to tell from the build #. Right click EXE - Properties - Version. This is a year old, but the list looked like this: (Can’t attach image [:(]) Release Native Version SQL Version US 3.01A US 3.01B NA 3.10A W1 HotFix 9 W1 HotFix 11 N/A W1 HotFix 13 N/A W1 Hotfix 15 N/A NA 3.60A NA Hotfix 17 NA 3.70 Beta3 I would think they would have something more up to date out there. I have not been able to locate it myself, though.

Oops, sorry – I mis-read the initial post. So, what we need is an ‘Object Import Log’, that logs the ‘current version/new version’ info from the Import Worksheet into a system table, right? Any C/SIDE developers listening? How about an ‘OnBeforeImport’ trigger in Codeunit 1, that provides a view of the ImportWorksheet table?