Which direction should I turn the carreer to advance in ax?

Which direction should I turn the carreer to advance in ax?

Currently, I am working as a technical support engineer. I know the tools and procedures used to create tables, data types, and relations that are required in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.

Where will i be able to deal with cutting edge technologies?

Hey Stanislav,

I think it depends on what you’re looking for. There’s really three main paths (and maybe people from all of them can chime in on this thread):

  1. A company that runs AX
  2. A partner
  3. Independent / Freelance

If you’re trying to see the latest technologies and stay up-to-date with whatever Microsoft is doing, option 2 probably suits you best. As Dynamics AX and D365 is sold through partners, there’s lots of opportunities provided to them by Microsoft to train and keep up to date. Now, that doesn’t mean that you’ll necessary get those opportunities as a consultant, but you’ll likely gain more experience more quickly this way by being on multiple different projects.

I’ll let someone from a company who runs AX and a freelancer comment on the other options.


Jake, thank you for your reply.

  1. A company that runs AX - I work for the company that runs AX as an technical support engineer.
  2. A partner - I worked for the partner company as an Functional consultant. 2009 was the best time in AX.
    There was a lot of ax2009 implementations,interesting projects and new opportunites.
  3. Independent / Freelance - I have never worked on Freelance as an Independent consultant yet.

D365 is sold through partners, are where opportunities to train and keep up to date while working for the same company( A company that runs AX)?

I found course to practice and prepare for Dynamics 365 AX Development (MB6-890) AX Development Introduction certification exam. The course is $2995 for 5 days. I cannot afford it at so hi price.

i think i Need help with Dynamics 365 AX Development courses for self study?

There are videos for e-learning for AX 7, but still no PDF courses yet, I don’t know if MS is going to publish them, soon. Jake, you have any news about it? I guess the videos are good, but for certain occasions, the PDFs are better, as they are reviewed multiple times by MS, looking solid for certain topics.

It depends where you are accessing the information from. Partnersource has manuals. On DLP I can see 226 resources linked to D365 Enterprise which are PowerPoints and Word documents to accompany the courses.

Where are you looking and what are you looking for?

You also have the wikihelp.

OK, I don’t have access to partnersource… Does MS plan to publish to customer source anyway? I can see the ppt and Word files, I like them, but they are only add add-on to the videos. I mean, for AX 2012, we have solid course PDFs like the one for AX DEV I /II / III / IV and Config, so far, I haven’t seen similar PDF items for AX 7 yet.

I do not believe that is the plan in the future, but you would need to ask Microsoft themselves because the messaging changes.

I see, thank you Adam.

Thanks everybody. I will try to find the ppt and Word files for D365 Enterprise.

Hey Stanislav,

I don’t really think there’s huge differences in the AX 7 development exam. A colleague of mine took it and said it’s around 70% AX 2012-type material.

That said, there’s obviously SOME differences, but I don’t think they’re earth shattering. Definitely not worth a $3,000 bootcamp if you’re already certified in one of the other versions…