Which codepage is used by Navision

Hi, maybe a stupid question [:)]. Can someone tell me which Codepage is used by Navision?? DOS-Codepage (3 digits) or Windows-Codepage (4-digits)? thx, Stefan

Don’t quote me on this, but I think it’s the Dos codepage. Stefan

This is a bigger subject than it seems - try searching for code page posts. In the UI, the Windows System ANSI code page is used (e.g. 1252) and then converted internally into the System OEM (DOS) code page (e.g. 850). Actually, there are many such conversions to and from depending on what interfaces character data is passing through. For storage in Navision Server, character data is converted into binary comparable values (as are all data type values) and are therefore code page independent. On SQL matters are different, but that has been detailed quite a bit elsewhere so I won’t go into it.

I am using C/FRONT Interface.