which class will call while creating tables forms etc....................

1).Is any class will call at time of creation of table forms reports etc any elements.

2). if we created any method in table if we click this. we will get methods which not overried methods and properties .

EG: public void clear()
from where its calling

Plz help me out share knowledge

SysSetupFormRun for forms, SysReportRun for reports. Or maybe you’re looking for ClassFactory class. It’s useful to use debugger to find such things.

I don’t understand the other question. Could you reformulate it, please?

Hello Martin

path: (classes)SalesTable2LineUpdatePrompt ) → (methods)initSalesTable2LineUpdateFields
Not only that some many place they used

if (salesTable.InventSiteId != salesTable.orig().InventSiteId)
there used orig function

same function coming if we click this.orig() in table level and many methods are coming which is not overried methods

i checked in golable function bt i didn’t get what is use of that function

how can i know usage of that function.

orig() and such methods are defined in xRecord kernel class - you can find it in AOT under System Documentation > Classes. Methods from xRecord are available in all tables.