Which class method is responsible for the calculation of project Hour sales price?

Hi All,

I am using CU7 R2 Ax 2012 .

At the time of Project hour journal posting , Which Class method is calculating the sales price and then updating to GeneralJournalAccountEntry Table and GeneralJournalEntry table respectively ?

The requirement is : We have a customized field for Quantity and Sales Price needs to be calculated based on the Customized Quantity field and updated while posting of Project Hour journal .

Total Sales Price = (Sales Price per hour * Customized Quantity Field)

Project management and accounting/Common/Transactions/Posted project transactions/View Voucher

As per my break point

Class → LedgerPostingGeneralJournalController/ transferline



ProjPostEmplJournal/ProjTransCreate have doing some sales calculation but when i am updating that it is not going to journal table .

i am not able to find out where the method for calculating the sales price and updating in GeneralJournalAccountEntry Table .



Hi All,

can any body mention where Project hour sales price are calculating and updating to GenerajJournalAccountentry ?