Which action will be triggered when using column filter?

Hi All 。

When we type some fitler content based on a chosen column field on list page and clicent enter which action will be triggered?

I tried OnlookUp action , and put Message(‘test’); codes here, But when we search on some column, No nay message was pop-up.

who can tell me ? when we search on some fields, which action will be triggered ?

thanks in advance…


Hi Gary,
To my best knowledge, then activating the filter does not trigger an action. Not as such.
Because what happens next is that the OnFindRecord (setting your filter) followed by the OnNextRecord. The “problem” here is that as soon as you put in any code (to make a message or watch in the debugger), then the default code is not executed and unless you put in the correct code, then it will not work.

Thanks Erik , old friend, So many years…, I see what you mean …