Where Used update functionality on costing version

Hi All,

In Stock Management - Setup - Costing versions → Calculate, there is a where-used update tick box. The text on screen says that it limits the no of calculated boms to those that consume items with pending costs.

This sounds like what I am looking for as I wish to update the standard cost of an item and reflect the change wherever the item is used. I can’t get this to work though - does anyone have any ideas on why this may be and if my understanding of the functionality os correct.

Many Thanks

Is the item a Bom item?

Hi Adam.

Yes sorry, the item being rolled up to is a bom item and one of it’s component items has a changed pending cost.

The help would imply it would take only pending costs, try it with a BOM with only pending costs if this is not working the single pending cost into the rolled up cost.