where to start

Hi . I have 3 cds of navison which are learning materials. i have completed the 1st cd which conatins the basic of navision and moving around navision. Then the cds are conattining the basic tables and forems reports, and cal programming. but the problem is i dont know where to start and how to read that. Pl. help me i am in a graet dilema Regards bandana

What do you mean by cds containing tables forms and reports? These are stored within the database? Is there a database (.fdb) or backup (.fbk) on your cd?

Hi I mean that i have 3 tutorial cds which conatins the bsics of table , forms, reports ,import and code unit. and also the syntaxes of cal programming language. i dont know hwre to start and what i need to start.

Sorry, I do not know this tutorial program But if you send it to me I will have a look. [:P]

its around 25mb cant attach with any mail. it conattins 16 tutorials. like moving around navision, deleting file, updating records, creating new vendors and like that only. another cd conatins the defination of tables, forms ,report and brief description what to do thanks bandana