Where to find a development licence to practice C/AL language

I am planing to give microsoft navision exam for C/Side Solution, but i have not any demo development licence to practice my learning.

I am reading a lot of training matrials but i have not find any l development licence, can any budy suggest me any way wher i can find.

Thanks to all.


maybe I happen to be a little bit unpolite…

…but could you please bother to read JUST THE PREVIOUS thread in this same forum? [:@]


Dear Soni,

Only microsoft partners have developer licence . If you want to study the C/side you have to work with a partner.

That just isn’t true. You can get a developer training license with MSDN.

Thanks for your information.

Do you know which is the cost of this type of licence.

Which part of “Included in MSDN” did you not understand?

Try this link…