Where to define the Voucher Number series for a Payment Journal

Hi ,

Where to define the AP Payment journal voucher number series ?(If i open the Payment Journal there i have the Journal Number is 000125_010 , when i click on the Lines and insetered some lines , then click on the General tab Voucher number field is availble with differernt number AP0024)

Can you guide me where to define Voucher that number series ? ( I know the where to configure the journal number series )

In the module go to setup → parameters → number sequences.

Here you can choose which number sequence is attached to Journals.

Also can try setup → journals → journal names → voucher series.

Hope this helps [:)]

That is the for the journal number series.

I am looking for voucher number series.

Hmm I see what you mean, I checked the LedgerJournalTrans in table browser, the voucher field is editable and is just called Voucher.

But the voucher number which is being populated doesn’t exist in the number sequence list in Basic…

If I come across it I will let you know.

Hi think I found something…

In basic, open Number Sequences, if you use General Journal as an example the General Journal number sequence should be “GL_050” or something…

Then on that record line look at the “Format” row, that gives me the Voucher Format “GJ########” which is the voucher series in the General Journals…